Automate your outreach using ChatGPT

3 min readJan 19, 2023


Instead of using ChatGPT to whizz up a fancy personalised opening line, we’re using the latest machine learning to speed up research, increase the number of qualified meetings and shorten sales cycles.

ChatGPT has been making heaps of noise — rightly so — on how to conduct sales more effectively:

Any new system that can automate the tedious activities SDRs, sales reps, founders (and really, anybody who is selling) currently have the pleasure of doing manually, is going to be a sure-fire winner.

It’s been a gamechanger for us at Noki. Switching out admin and manual time for speaking to more users — shortening our sales cycles so we can get to yes/no answers in 1/5th the time.

How we’ve been using ChatGPT for outbound prospecting

  • Cleaning company names
  • B2B/B2C filtering
  • Custom industry tags (because LinkedIn’s are awful), e.g. changing “Computer Software” to “Automation Testing”
  • Sub-industry tags, e.g. changing “Automation Testing” to “Cloud-based Load Testing”
  • Writing personalised openers based on scraped event triggers, e.g. new job, article or company news

We’ll continue to add to this list overtime as the tech becomes more powerful and more inspiration for it’s use proliferates.

Even with this step-change in machine learning, ultimately ChatGPT isn’t a sales tool — so it’s not going to solve all of our problems when it comes to prospecting.

For us, the biggest headache has been the up front research of our accounts and leads to pre-qualify them. We’re still spending hours every day manually researching for companies that fit our criteria, with existing tools only getting us so far to the centre ring.

Inboxes are becoming flooded by a brigade of Apollo novices, and the only remaining ingredient to 100x your prospecting is to do research. Namely: does the prospect suffer from the pain? Are they suffering from the pain right now? And how much do they suffer?

In some circles, this is called pre-qualification: am I 100% certain the people I’m spending a lot of time trying to contact actually suffer from the problem we’re solving. The absence of knowing this upfront results in wasted outreach (and not to mention a huge hit on deliverability rates), wasted cold calls, wasted time and more importantly: fewer qualified meetings, slower sales cycles and lower win rates.

It’s the holy grail to only contact companies that you are certain are suffering from the problem. Sadly none of the existing tools will automate this — yet (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge).

The current process to do this research is: Google, Crunchbase, LinkedIn/Apollo, Company websites (and their content), Social Media and niche publications. A sales professional is spending anywhere from 30–60% of their weeks doing this research — is this really a good use of their skillset?

We’re solving this, and you can find out more about how we’re doing it from our CEO Neil Gujar.

How we’re automating prospect qualification 🚀

What is Noki?

Noki is an AI sales qualification tool — we turn your newly prospected accounts into qualified opportunities, using machine learning to automatically filter for companies that match your qualification criteria

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We're building an AI sales qualification tool - we turn your newly prospected accounts into qualified opportunities.